George Carlin - Religion is bullshit.


  1. What did we ever do to George Carlin to make him so cynical, and who the hell is this David Santos guy?

  2. A few thoughts on George Carlin's comedy.
    1. The Aztecs also worshipped the sun and performed thousands of human sacrifices.
    2. Joe Pesci does rock!
    3. The government makes men fight wars in the name of God. (See my blog on gas prices)
    4. Rape is not funny to someone who has been raped!
    5. Rape is first, an act of violence, second an act of sexual perversity.
    6. George and I have the same radar for stupidity!
    7. Conservatives are anti-women on any issue, not just abortion.
    8. I'm liberal and moral.
    9.Our government intentionally screws up the education system for one reason; to keep the downtrodden DOWN! (See my blog on gas prices)
    10. People in charge do what they want. True that! (See my blog on gas prices)
    11. I love coffee, coffee, and more coffee!
    12. Birth control pills: does one of my legs look shorter than the other one?