True story...

I locked myself in my father's room yesterday. Not on purpose either.

"How is that possible?", you say. "You can't lock yourself into a room.", you say.

Well, sir's and ma'am's...I beg to differ.

I had just a little painting left to do to my father's room before he gets here in about 3 weeks. I needed to paint the trim and the doors. I removed the doorknobs to do this. But...key word here...but, I did not remove the "innards" of the doorknobs so the little do dad that latches the door to the door frame was still in there. As I was rolling the paint onto the door, I pushed a bit harder than I should have. I heard a soft *click* and realized....Oh Snap! I've just gotten locked into a 10" X 12" room.....with no padded walls. Great.... luckily I had a flat head screwdriver, which I had used to open the paint, handy. A little push here, a little tug there....I'm out! Yay!!!

On to the lawn care....

I decided, since it was the most beautiful day EVER in south central Kentucky, to mow the lawn. I began about 10 o'clock-ish and finally got done just before 1 PM. It was so nice and so beautiful and so breezy that I didn't even break a sweat. Did I put on sunscreen before venturing outdoors? Why,, I didn't. Who is a big ol' burnt lobster today, you might ask? Why, me, of course! Except that I'm sunburned in all the wrong places. Like the backs of my knees!!! And only the right sides of my legs in the front. Of course, where I sat down to take a little break...the area from my knees to where my shorts were is fire engine red as well, but my knees dice...white as snow. Shoulders, chest, and upper back are equally as crispy, but they don't hurt, they itch...and I CAN'T SCRATCH!!!

I've determined that this is short term karma for the previous blog/venting. My friend and I were discussing how un-Buddhist our judging persons in our lives that irritate us was. I know the whole karma thing is supposed to be on a much larger scale, but alas, I can't help but think that I should have just kept my mouth shut and meditated on the subject instead. But because I'm a ginormous newbie to the Buddhism thing......I vented and vented and complained and went on and on about their issues. By now I should know that they aren't ever going to change because that's just who they are. I shouldn't expect them to change either, however. And, of course, I should move on. But...there are all these buts.... but this, but that.... I move on...or so I think I've moved on...let it go...Then something that I feel is extra super duper "we todd did" happens and I begin to realize that nope..holding on for all it's worth, I am. (Apparently, I was possessed by Yoda in that last statement.)

Point taken Universe, Buddha, Karmic gods, or who ever....I'm going to start small and try to just think happy thoughts today...and keep my damn mouth shut... I said try. I'm not making any promises though.


  1. Number One, I am more than "your friend" so I will accept the following: your guru, Her Majesty, the supreme know it all formerly known as Cam, & your sister. Ok, and you're right, karma is watching.

  2. I might not have been clear, you are Number One, so I will be addressing you that way from now on.