"Blah, blah, blah"

...that was the reply that some people received from a writer named T. J. Simers. After he wrote a story in very poor taste for the Los Angeles Times newpaper on March 28th, which can be found right here, and I encourage you to go and read it for yourself, about Western Kentucky University. One would think that in 2008, just because we have the right to free speech, adults would know that you don't always have to use that right. Especially when speaking of college students or students of any kind. After reading the article, I feel that it is a put down to not just the student athletes of WKU, but to everyone in western Kentucky. While many of us have often wondered about the origins and meaning and how to explain to people who/what "Big Red" is at Western, we don't take pot shots at the opposing schools mascots because we don't understand them. Making fun of another school's mascot is very childish, but then his response to numerous emails was only, "Blah, blah, blah". I guess that is a show of his toddler like vocabulary. Recently there was a story about the graduation rates of the student athletes particpating in the NCAA tournament. There was a team who had a 100% graduation rate of it's athletes. It wasn't UCLA, dear Mr. Simers, it was WESTERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY!! I would personally rather have a successful group of graduating students then an NCAA title. Might I add, that it would have been nice to see WKU go farther in the tournament, but now they can focus on their studies and keeping up the good work they do off the court.

While an apology would be nice, it would not be sincere. So why ask for it? But if you would like to let Mr. Simers know your opinion ....
Voice your opinion to t.j.simers@latimes.com.

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    Where did he come up with THAT?