Angry Outburst

Elisabeth Hasselbeck has to be the most annoying person. Did anyone see her stupidness on "The View" this morning?

I can not stand to hear her talk. She seems to think that every one in the entire world was born blond and pretty and had great parents and a great education and grew up to marry a NFL player and be on a reality tv program. I am so so so sick of hearing her political views. Because they always involve the fact that she is a know-it-all stupid head who can not for any reason see how dumb she really sounds/looks. She never lets anyone finish a sentence. It's like her mouth constantly has to be open. I can not believe someone hasn't just told her to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!! I do...I yell at the tv every time she opens that trash compactor of a mouth and spews forth her garbage.

I happen to like Obama. And like most of the country right now, dislike his former/current/whatever pastor. I was shocked, like most, when I heard some of the things he has been saying. Not shocked because I'm a 29 year old white female, but shocked as a human. Though I do understand that he grew up in a different time than I did. He has seen segregation. He has experienced racism. These issues, without a doubt, formed his opinions as an adult. I was fortunate enough to not have to experience these things. My parents did. My mother still remembers the day that the first black students came to her school. The image is burned into her because the three children had to be escorted to school by police. When they arrived, there was a big commotion and she distinctly remembers her white teacher saying, "Oh, it's just the "blackies"." What?!?! We as a society, black or white, really have no concept of what that must have felt like for those students. We study it in social studies, we see tv programs, we hear the stories, but we don't actually feel it. I think that if I had experienced that type of hatred, I would be angry myself. I'd want to blame those that treated me or "my people" in that manner. Some times those lines are blurred. I was never a part in segregation, but I'm sure my great-grandparents were and some people blur me with my great-grandparents and people like them. I don't hate people for their opinions because I wasn't the one sitting in the back of the bus per say. Again, I was fortunate enough to not have to experience that. But my parents did. And with that one statement made by a teacher all those years ago, my parents taught me that if I cut my arm I bleed red blood. If a black person cuts their arm, they bleed red blood just the same. The only difference should be the amount of melanin in your skin. And if all my stinking freckles would grow together I myself would have one heck of a tan! With that said, Obama attending the church where Rev. Wright preached no more makes Obama a racist than going to your garage makes you a car. My friend told me a quote once, which is where that previous sentence pretty much came from....

"If going to church makes you a Christian, does going to your garage make you a car?"

When the issue of some statements made by McCain's former/current/whatever pastor were read, Elisabeth immediately starting speaking over Joy Behar and telling her that that pastor's words where not as important as the ones spoken by Rev. Wright. That it was "different". When essentially, he had said the same things.

I'm just so irritated that in 2008 we still have people like Elisabeth Hasselbeck who think that they are superior to others because of whatever reasons. Just looking at her has come to the point where I get angry. I'm embarrassed for her. Does she not think before she opens that mouth? I'm upset right now because of listening to her talk about an hour ago, but I'm still thinking about what I am saying before I am writing it.

But I'm more embarrassed for our whole nation. We are trying to find the right person to lead our country out of this horrible mess it has become. But once again, it's coming down to race/sex/creed/religion. As far as we have come....we really haven't gone that far.

The road is still so long and there are only a few people left to tow the line...

Frustration Abounds

Ok, so I just have to vent a little bit.

Yesterday the kids had baseball practice. And like every other baseball practice, I couldn't help but notice that the kids getting the most attention and help just happen to be the coach/asst. coach's son's. Now don't get me wrong, their boys are good. I'm glad to have them on the team and I was excited by who the coaches first. But every practice they stick the not-so-good kids in the outfield and just tell them to toss the ball back and forth until it's time to start practicing batting. I'm not ignorant of the fact that my kids aren't that good, but if someone, say the coaches?, would work with them instead of sticking them in the outfield every single practice then maybe they could become better players. Opal can throw well, but he needs help learning how to throw the correct way so that the ball will go farther and reach it's destination. hope for throwing there...LOL she throws like a girl! But neither of them are good at catching the ball at all and no matter how many times my husband and I try to help them, they just won't listen to us. Hence, Little League... Am I wrong to think that the coaches should be TEACHING the kids how to play baseball? Or are the kids just supposed to already know how to do it all?

The first game is Friday...yes this Friday. We still have no uniforms and no schedule. We know the first game is Friday, but we don't know what time. "She", whoever that is, was supposed to be at the ball field yesterday at 4:30PM with the uniforms and schedules, but by 5:15PM "she" still hadn't shown up. The coach's wife said that "she" teaches at Olmstead Elementary and was going to pick up the uniforms in Russellville on her way to Morgantown. Good grief...what a drive. Parents/grandparents can purchase shirts to go with their kids teams that have their names on them if they want. Last year, they spelled my name wrong. No surprise there really, except they spelled the same name correctly on my husband's and Opal's shirts, but spelled mine wrong. This year, we have six shirts, four of which we had to pay $15 a piece for. Four that have our last name (2 with name & the #48, 2 with name & the #20), one MAMAW, and one GRANDMA. How many of those will be spelled wrong? The coach's wife said she would just bring the uniforms to school and send them home with the kids. I wonder if we will get all of our shirts. Plus the uniforms for the kids consist of hat, shirt, pants, and socks. How much of that is actually gonna make it home?

Everything just seems so disorganized. It's like the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing half the time or all the time really. I would like to wash these shirts and uniforms before they are worn, but if we don't get them until Friday.....??????????

Just a little more venting....we aren't going to get our IRS "Stimulus" check until the end of June!!! JUNE!!! The checks get mailed out according to the last two digits of your SSN. If you are married, it goes by the first person listed on the 1040/1040A/1040EZ. Unfortunately, Chris' last two digits are 57 so we are pushed all the way until June 20th. Why, oh why, did we not get direct deposit on the tax return this year!!! With the price of gas just rising and rising with no end in sight we could really use that check to buy a few tanks.

Nothing doing...

I'm a little bored today. I know it's only 8:30 in the morning, but I've cleaned about all I can clean and I've got nothing else to do. It's chilly this morning too! The new kitty likes to sleep on me at night so I haven't been getting too much sleep since Friday. I've got to buy her a bed of her own! So I think I'm going to go watch "Pride and Prejudice". Nope, I never seen it. Since I haven't anything better to do at the moment....

Picture of the Day - 4/25/08

A friend of mine just had a baby yesterday evening. I was going to wait until she got home to pay her a visit, but I had to go to BG to pick up my new glasses. (Which I am VERY excited about might I add) So my mom and I dropped by to pay her a visit. The new baby overshadows the new glasses I think.

Picture of the Day - 4/21/08

The tiny little dust cloud is actually behind a large tractor, but the field is just so BIG that everything else seems small.

It's Earth Day people!

Every day should be "Earth Day". But this is the one day that everyone takes the time to notice.

Last night on the national news the price of a barrel of oil was making/breaking records....again. Here gas is $3.48 - $3.50 per gallon for regular unleaded. Diesel fuel is a whopping $4.05 per gallon. My brother, who lives in Florida, is paying about $4.50 per gallon for diesel. This is why the price of milk is also $4+++ dollars a gallon. I've been saying I wanted to buy some horses for the purpose of going to town once a week to buy the essentials we all need to live on and/or visiting friends & family. One man a couple of counties over made the local news this morning because he went through the McDonald's drive-thru riding his horse. I expect to see tie off posts in front of local stores and businesses soon. My husband said that it would take too long to get to the store. I told him that it would be a good opportunity to spend time as a family talking about how our week went. Instead of putting the kids in the back seat with their GameBoys, mp3 players, or popping in a DVD. Seems like a better idea to me. Better gas mileage, less emissions, more time with what is important.

This morning I've been seriously considering starting a garden. I've never had a garden before. I've planted flowers, but that's about it. We don't have a tiller either, nor do I know anyone who does. I do, however, own a hoe. No, not that kind of hoe, but one that's gonna work just as hard if I can convince the hubby that we need to grow some of our own food.

"We" are stuck in such a situation that we are forced to buy gas to go to work to pay for the gas to get there. Believe me when I tell you that if I could afford to replace our 12 year old cars with a newer one I'd go buy a Toyota Prius. But like many, many other Americans, this weeks' paycheck pays for this weeks' bills/groceries/gas/etc. and next weeks' check will pay for that weeks' bills/groceries/gas/etc. There is no leeway. I already spend less than $100 at the grocery store for a weeks worth of food for a family of 4 + a dog. Needless to say, "Hamburger Helper" is worth it's weight in gold at the moment.

Food costs keep rising, fuel costs keep rising, energy costs keep rising, the cost of health care is already insane, simply trying to live is almost impossible ...where does it all end? Who finally puts their hand up and says this has to stop? Obviously not the "great American government" who seems to care more about other peoples' problems then our own. When people immigrate here now, we should say, "Welcome to America. Now, ....."

I know that most of this has nothing to do with Earth Day as a whole, but these are the things that come to mind when I begin to think about conserving what we have before it's gone. Think about the future generations of people who will be here when we are long gone. Try this...instead of putting all your groceries into plastic bags that take about 1,000 years to biodegrade, buy just one or two reusable canvas grocery bags (about $1) every time you go to the grocery store. After two months, you will have enough to not need the plastic bags anymore. Think about how much energy, resources, and land we could save by doing that one thing. Just think about it.

Movie: "Juno"

Movie: "Juno"

Click here for the International Movie Database page for "Juno".

I really enjoyed this movie. At first, it was a little strange, but it didn't take long to figure out the characters. Many teens, and their parents, make the wrong decisions when faced with a pregnancy at a young age. I liked how the movie showed that even making the "right" decision can be painful and confusing. I didn't really care for how the ending is a non-chalant manner of life goes on just like it did before we had sex and gave our baby away. But then again, there was never a question of keeping the baby either so I guess I should have expected it. However, I think you should go rent it. I'd like to watch it again in fact. And I don't think I'll look at a jug of Sunny D the same ever again.

Picture(s) of the Day - 4/18/08

I was asked by my son's teacher to go with them on a field trip to Mammoth Cave National Park yesterday. I took several pictures, but I didn't want to post pictures of other peoples' children on the internet without their approval. So the photos I used I tried not to have too many faces of the kids in the whole class.

True story...

I locked myself in my father's room yesterday. Not on purpose either.

"How is that possible?", you say. "You can't lock yourself into a room.", you say.

Well, sir's and ma'am's...I beg to differ.

I had just a little painting left to do to my father's room before he gets here in about 3 weeks. I needed to paint the trim and the doors. I removed the doorknobs to do this. But...key word here...but, I did not remove the "innards" of the doorknobs so the little do dad that latches the door to the door frame was still in there. As I was rolling the paint onto the door, I pushed a bit harder than I should have. I heard a soft *click* and realized....Oh Snap! I've just gotten locked into a 10" X 12" room.....with no padded walls. Great.... luckily I had a flat head screwdriver, which I had used to open the paint, handy. A little push here, a little tug there....I'm out! Yay!!!

On to the lawn care....

I decided, since it was the most beautiful day EVER in south central Kentucky, to mow the lawn. I began about 10 o'clock-ish and finally got done just before 1 PM. It was so nice and so beautiful and so breezy that I didn't even break a sweat. Did I put on sunscreen before venturing outdoors? Why,, I didn't. Who is a big ol' burnt lobster today, you might ask? Why, me, of course! Except that I'm sunburned in all the wrong places. Like the backs of my knees!!! And only the right sides of my legs in the front. Of course, where I sat down to take a little break...the area from my knees to where my shorts were is fire engine red as well, but my knees dice...white as snow. Shoulders, chest, and upper back are equally as crispy, but they don't hurt, they itch...and I CAN'T SCRATCH!!!

I've determined that this is short term karma for the previous blog/venting. My friend and I were discussing how un-Buddhist our judging persons in our lives that irritate us was. I know the whole karma thing is supposed to be on a much larger scale, but alas, I can't help but think that I should have just kept my mouth shut and meditated on the subject instead. But because I'm a ginormous newbie to the Buddhism thing......I vented and vented and complained and went on and on about their issues. By now I should know that they aren't ever going to change because that's just who they are. I shouldn't expect them to change either, however. And, of course, I should move on. But...there are all these buts.... but this, but that.... I move on...or so I think I've moved on...let it go...Then something that I feel is extra super duper "we todd did" happens and I begin to realize that nope..holding on for all it's worth, I am. (Apparently, I was possessed by Yoda in that last statement.)

Point taken Universe, Buddha, Karmic gods, or who ever....I'm going to start small and try to just think happy thoughts today...and keep my damn mouth shut... I said try. I'm not making any promises though.

Picture(s) of the Day - 4/15/08

Baseball practice again....

Picture of the Day - 4/13/08

After picking up the kids from their grandparents, we stopped by a convenience store to pick up a few things and I snapped this photo.

Picture of the Day - 4/12/08

And this is what grief looks like....

Picture(s) of the Day - 4/8/08

First Little League practice of the year.

Picture(s) of the Day...???

Sorry folks, I know I started out strong and have fallen off as of late on my postings. My kids are on Spring Break from school and I've been busy with them. But have no fear...I am taking still taking pictures....just running out of time to post them!

Be back SOON!!!

Oh yea, by the way....I think it sucks that to add a new background and what-not I had to completely redo my "Links" section! But what is even more bothersome is the fact that I had to go and re-size all my pictures to fit in the template! ARGH! I only did a few...I got tired of editing.... and boo to all the stinking rain too!

Picture(s) of the Day - 4/2/08

I took a bunch of pictures yesterday, but I’m only posting a few here. So here goes...

Wonderful afternoon, full of sunshine....

Road sign at county line...

While waiting for the bus, I catch up on a little reading. Oh My God! Look at how much the Arctic has melted!!!

Polar ice cap...slipping away...

There is a neighborhood "gang" that frequents the corner where I park to pick up the are just a few of the members...

What up dawg?!

Opal immediately wanted to take pictures...

Don’t take a picture of me...I’m driving!

Opal’s picture of Ruby.....Ruby’s picture of Opal

Kaia & Neil

One of the many fields out here in the boonies...

Down in the boondocks...

Ruby’s artistic photo op....her shoes!

Just some shoes...

Artist formally known as "365 Days"... now called "Picture(s) of the Day". The original title didn't exactly explain the blog post to the fullest so this should make it a bit easier!

Picture(s) of the Day - 4/1/08

So I sit at home all day....bored....

I started playing an online game, RuneScape, which is mostly a bunch of kids, but there are adults too. It's a type of "Sims" or role playing type game. You have many skills to master and many of them help out others. For example, today I am cutting wood. I can take that wood and make arrows or bows or furniture. Or I could use a "tinderbox" and burn it to help level up my "Firemaking" skill. You can also do things like hunting, fishing, farming, magic, mining, melting down the ore you mine to make jewelry or weapons, construction (for building item for your "player-owned" home)...whatever. They have a free version to get you started and if you like it you can become a member...for only $5 a month. Anyhoo....I took some pics of my "me" on the game. Check it....

This is me!

Here I am...

I am currently chopping down some maple trees.

I am chopping down maple trees....

Chop, chop, chop....don't worry...they grow back!

Chopping away....

Should you decide to give it a go....look me user name is "Chevygirl4". You can add me to your "friend's list". See ya there!

"Blah, blah, blah"

...that was the reply that some people received from a writer named T. J. Simers. After he wrote a story in very poor taste for the Los Angeles Times newpaper on March 28th, which can be found right here, and I encourage you to go and read it for yourself, about Western Kentucky University. One would think that in 2008, just because we have the right to free speech, adults would know that you don't always have to use that right. Especially when speaking of college students or students of any kind. After reading the article, I feel that it is a put down to not just the student athletes of WKU, but to everyone in western Kentucky. While many of us have often wondered about the origins and meaning and how to explain to people who/what "Big Red" is at Western, we don't take pot shots at the opposing schools mascots because we don't understand them. Making fun of another school's mascot is very childish, but then his response to numerous emails was only, "Blah, blah, blah". I guess that is a show of his toddler like vocabulary. Recently there was a story about the graduation rates of the student athletes particpating in the NCAA tournament. There was a team who had a 100% graduation rate of it's athletes. It wasn't UCLA, dear Mr. Simers, it was WESTERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY!! I would personally rather have a successful group of graduating students then an NCAA title. Might I add, that it would have been nice to see WKU go farther in the tournament, but now they can focus on their studies and keeping up the good work they do off the court.

While an apology would be nice, it would not be sincere. So why ask for it? But if you would like to let Mr. Simers know your opinion ....
Voice your opinion to