Tuesday Morning

I've never been very fond of rain. Wet

But when if finally began to sprinkle here Sunday, and some yesterday too, I was out on my front porch with my daughter doing an rain dance in the sprinkles. Cloud We eventually got like a quarter of an inch over the course of the night, which isn't much, but better than none at all! We actually lost our electricity for about 45 minutes Sunday night. It didn't actually storm, persay, but we did get a bit of lightening and some thunder. I've never been so happy in my whole life to see it rain. Then this morning as I was driving the kids to the bus stop, we got sprinkled on again! It was wonderful!

The weatherman is forcasting about a 30% chance of showers this afternoon and evening. I've got my fingers crossedFingers Crossed hoping that he is right, for one, and that we are in that 30% area that is going to receive those showers.

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