August 4th

Good afternoon to you all!

I drove to Bowling Green this morning to buy some much sought after paper for Neil's class before school starts. Yesterday I made two trips to Staples, but no one knew what I was talking about. For a store that sells school and office supplies, you'd think the employees would know what a ream of paper is. But all they could find were tablets of the "primary" paper. You know, the paper that has large writing lines with a broken line in the middle. I came home and searched Staples online.....didn't have it, searched Office Depot online......didn't have it, my husband suggested the Parent Teacher Store....."Duh", I said, "If they don't have it no one does." So I checked their website....., they have it and it's only $6.95 a ream, but when I go to check out, they wanted to charge a whopping $7.95 for shipping. That's okay if you are ordering more than just a ream of paper, but for that...I decided to just make an extra trip to B.G. this morning. I like going to Bowling Green before around 10am. Traffic has become so bad after that....geez.... I know growth for the city is a good thing, but I can still remember when the only things on Campbell Lane were the mall, Wal-Mart (and not the Super Wal-Mart...the little one), and the movie theater, plus it was only a two lane road. No turning lanes, no two lanes on either side...just a yellow line in the middle. Definitely not that much traffic, but Bowling Green has become a thriving city and it's nice to have so much so close. An example of which is the Starbuck's white chocolate mocha cappucino that I snuck before I left Scottsville Road. My husband says there isn't any reason to spend that much money for coffee, but I like it. After I got it, I giggled to myself about some coffee mugs we have for sale at my online store ( They have a quote on them that says,"Life's too short to drink cheap coffee." So true.

It hasn't rained too much around here so we hadn't mowed the yard in a couple of weeks and it needed to be done badly. I guess I just didn't really have any idea how stinkin' hot it was outside. It's taken three hours to mow only the front yard. The whole yard is only 3/4 of an acre so you can tell we took alot of breaks. We decided that the backyard was going to wait until the morning. If we don't get started by 9am, we'll never get it done before the heat of the day sets in. *Whew*'s hot....and the middle of next week should be around 100 degrees!!!! At least if it doesn't rain too much, we won't have to get out in that hot sun and mow the yard again!!

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