August 15th

I was very shocked this afternoon.

First off I should start by saying that today was another scorching hot day in south central Kentucky. The official high at the airport in Bowling Green was 104 degrees. With that said, I was surprised when my children got off the bus....without any water. Now I know this might sound odd to some people, but every other school district in our area is distributing bottled water to the students before they get on the buses in the afternoons. My children are on the bus for right at an hour and they aren't the last kids to get off the bus. I was even more shocked when the kids told me that the bus driver had water and let one girl have some, but for obvious reasons, didn't give some to anyone else.

I told my husband that if the school would not supply water for the bus riders, I would start putting a bottle of water in the kids backpacks to drink while on the bus in the afternoons. My son began to shake his head and said, "No, no. We aren't allowed to have ANY FOOD OR DRINKS on the bus. That's a rule." Um, excuse me, but it's not like water is sticky or attracts bugs. If a little gets spilled, it's an easy clean up. How can they deny the children water on such hot days? I don't see how it's fair that the young children are not allowed to have something to drink in this sweltering heat, but the bus driver gets to have her own water, which she drinks in front of the children. I know that this is not the bus drivers rule, but a school board rule so I am in no way placing the blame on her.

Someone needs to step up here before a child ends up in the hospital with heat stroke or worse. I'd much rather pay for cases of water as opposed to hospital bills. Maybe I'm getting overly excited about this, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. All this week, I've been bringing a small cooler with bottles of water for the kids to the bus stop in the afternoons.

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