I gots a new "do"....

I really don't know what to start talking about first so we'll go with the newest stuff going on I guess.

So I've been trying as hard as I can to not color my hair, but alas, I've succumbed to the temptation. Yesterday I colored my hair all over; the color it is supposed to be which is medium brown. I got this other color called Colour Rays by L'oreal in some purply pinkish color. It says plainly on the box that it works even on the darkest shades of hair, but I've seen that before and thought that it would turn out a darker purple color, but.......no way Jose! It's the fuchsia that it said it would be.... see the "About Me" section. I'm glad to finally find a color that does what it says it'll do. The only thing is it only comes in two colors that I've been able to find, the fuchsia and a red.

The whole reason I really started this thing is to follow along in support of my friend, That Gypsy Girl, and her family on their journey to adopt a little girl. I don't know where it might lead, but it's just the beginning..........

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  1. I love your "do" &
    I love you!! Thank you for supporting me no matter where we wind up sometimes!! Let's link our blogs to Myspace and get some traffic!! WOO-HOO! I have a picture, the other hosting wouldn't work, so I opened a photobucket account. Ahh, thank you again, for saving my keaster.