Busy, busy

Hey all!

I know I haven't blogged in a while, but I've been pretty busy. The kids are now out of school. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Kaia had her kindergarten graduation on the 24th and that was their last day.

Just a little update on my dad. He's been in the hospital Hospital Bed for almost two weeks. He had a extremely bad intestinal infection that almost ruptured his colon. He had surgery last Friday the 25th and they removed about 10 inches of his intestine. I talked to him this morning and he seems to be doing MUCH better. I tried to talk to him on the Saturday after his surgery, but he wasn't really aware of his surroundings at the time. He thinks they are going to let him go home maybe on Friday. So everyone keep your fingers crossed Fingers Crossed and your thoughts and prayers to the higher power of your choice with my dad. Thanks!
Get Well Soon

For Memorial Day weekend, we camped out in our backyard. Camp Fire We were going to try to go to the lake, but they had closed the beach because of low water levels so we just decided we make a go of it in our backyard. We had everything the lake has.....well except for the lake part.... Tongue Out But we had our pool! In The Pool

Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend.....even though it's already the middle of the week and I'm a little behind.

Kaia's Trip to the Dentist

Unfortunately, Kaia's first two loose teeth decided that they were going to be stubborn and stay for a while. The permanent ones that were to take their place started to come in behind the baby teeth so we had to have the dentist pull the baby ones. And they were her two very first lost teeth!!!

But all went well at the dentist office, we weren't actually there more than 30 minutes. He sent her home with her two teeth in the cute little case you see in the picture and she's fine now.


You know, "they" say that everything happens in 3's right...............

I've neglected to blog about my dad who is, or was (haven't talked to him today), in the hospital. My dad is sick

He's got stomach "issues". Of course, he has had these "issues" for a long time, but now there seems to be infections that like to tag along with the "issues". He is fine as long as he isn't eating Eatin' some food. But we all have to eat, right? Well, now the doctor's Doctor are saying that he can go home, but he has to continue to take his medication The good stuff until the infection is gone. Then they think that surgery to remove part of the colon is the way to go. I'm a little freaked out What the fuck?by the fact that they want to remove part of my dad's intestine!!! I think I am mainly freaked out because I can't be with him I miss him...he's all the way in Florida Florida has palm treesand I'm all the way in KentuckyIt is a horseshoe, but I do not have any luck. My brother & sister-in-law are with him & she'll take good care of him, but I can't help but wish I wish, I wish I could be there too.

And then my friend, That Gypsy Girl, well her husband decided that it would be ok to catch a whirling blade on a rotary saw with his FINGER!!! What were you thinking Bergen? Ouch!!! So um....they sewedI could have done it with some fishing line and a hook it back on..... I don't know how either one of them got through that without passing out Fainting because when she called to tell me about it, I thought I was going to pass out. But he's doing ok now.....thanks in part, I'm guessing, to the great pain medication The good stuff they gave him and the wife playing nurse Nurse Cameron ...... LOL

Ok, so that's two in the past week. I know these things are always supposed to happen in 3'sGet it....there are three of them so what's gonna happen next? Really now, we don't need anymore of this stress Screamer around here!!!!!

I think I'm getting the hang of this....

But only by trial and error!
Yeah for me

I figured out how to add a link to Cameron's, AKA "THE best friend", blogger site. She's always full of Shitso it will always be a good blog...... Oh My God did I just say she was full of Shit....no no no....what I meant was she is full of exciting and interesting things to talk about..... Wink wink So go check it out! And if you have any good ideas or suggestions about adoption from abroad ( and no, I don't mean "a broad" like a woman She is a broad , I mean from over the great blue sea Row row row your boat.... ) then we, and by that I mean, Cameron, would love for helpful insights.

But in all honesty, she is on a mission with her family to find the little girl who has always been meant for them Lily .

AND..........I also figured out how to add some pictures to this here thing a ma jig, and how to rearrange the page elements. It's amazing what a little boredom Soooo bored and booze Martini can do for a girl!

So I hope everyone has a great rest of Sunday .

Season finales.........

"Heroes" is a kick ass show!!! I've only seen a couple of episodes before now. I thought it was a good show, it kept my interest, but I could never remember when it came on.

So yesterday on the SciFi channel they had a marathon of "Heroes". So I caught myself up on all that I had missed. Which was apparently EVERYTHING!! I watched so much of it that all the episodes have run into each other in my head. Does Hiro kill Sylar? Is it Sylar that explodes or is it Peter? Does Sylar kill Nathan or does he have him hidden somewhere? I think I'm going to explode before the season finale tommorrow night.....which I know is only going to leave me asking more questions!

And what about "Grey's Anatomy"??? Did Burke really leave Christina??? At the alter??? WTF? I think that was her best acting in the whole series. When she is standing in their apartment and she tells Meredith about all the things that are gone, like his trumpet and the picture of his grandmom that was next to the bed, and his lucky surgery scrub hat thingy.......... then she starts screaming to get all that stuff off of her. She really made you feel like you were heartbroken too. I guess we all knew that he would be leaving the show after all that press over some comment he made about T. R. Knight, but I was thinking it would be a car accident or another shooting, but never just walking away.

OMG...George didn't pass his intern exam. Is he gonna leave too? I hope not because all that drama with Cali and Izzy is getting interesting. And I think that "Ava" will return as a regular cast member next season. But what is really up with Meredith and McDreamy?

Oh I hate season finales......really I do! They never answer anything.....never!

I gots a new "do"....

I really don't know what to start talking about first so we'll go with the newest stuff going on I guess.

So I've been trying as hard as I can to not color my hair, but alas, I've succumbed to the temptation. Yesterday I colored my hair all over; the color it is supposed to be which is medium brown. I got this other color called Colour Rays by L'oreal in some purply pinkish color. It says plainly on the box that it works even on the darkest shades of hair, but I've seen that before and thought that it would turn out a darker purple color, but.......no way Jose! It's the fuchsia that it said it would be.... see the "About Me" section. I'm glad to finally find a color that does what it says it'll do. The only thing is it only comes in two colors that I've been able to find, the fuchsia and a red.

The whole reason I really started this thing is to follow along in support of my friend, That Gypsy Girl, and her family on their journey to adopt a little girl. I don't know where it might lead, but it's just the beginning..........

I'm here....now what??

Hello all! I've started this blog because a friend asked me too, but I think it may actually become another addictive thing I do on th internet that annoys my husband. So I'm a little new to this and it may take me a little bit to figure out some things.......like what to say.

So I'll get back to ya on that what to say stuff at a later time......right now the race is starting and I gotta go!